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Welcome to Colonial Painting Services, a family run business.

We guarantee a highly personalised and comprehensive painting and decorating service to specifically meet your requirements.  

We are knowledgeable and up to date with all products within the painting industry and can assure you of our professionalism at all times from our qualified and reliable team of Painters, who are all insured and can be trusted to work in a safe and friendly manner on your premises.


A Little More About Us

Are you looking for professional painters in Central Coast? Welcome to Colonial Painting and Decorating! We have close to 4 decades of experience in commercial and residential painting and are now one of the most reliable painting service providers in the region. Colonial Painting Services has set the standards for other  painters on the Central Coast.

Exceptional Painters Central Coast

Professionalism is of the upmost importance to our painters at Colonial. We offer world class painting services at competitive prices inline with our quality workmanship. Over the years, we have completed many impeccable exterior and interior painting jobs. Our professionalism and high-quality services are what keeps our customers constantly satisfied.

Our painters on the Central Coast cover all types of furniture and floors. Before applying our top quality paint, our Central Coast Painters also ensure we do the preparation required for each job, which may include repairs, restoration, cleaning or stripping. Feel free to get in touch with our exceptional painters Central Coast for more details.

We get repeat services for our attention to detail. Our goal is to meet your requirements and ensure you are happy with our work. Our professional painters have a deep understanding of their job. They know what they are doing and what results are expected by the end of the project.

Our exceptional Central Coast painters also offer post-painting inspection services. Our highest priority is your satisfaction. Our Central Coast Painters do what it takes to ensure you satisfied with our work, everytime.

Painting is a task that requires experience. If you have a project that requires painting, you can not rely on inexperienced people. We have close to 4 decades of experience in this line of service. And now we are one of the most experienced painters Central Coast.

When it comes to working on a large painting project, timing is an important factor. If you want to complete the project in a certain period of time, you can not consider it a DIY job. In such a situation, our experienced painters Central Coast can make your life a bit easier. They know how to get the job done to the highest quality, in the shortest possible time.

Colonial Painting and Decorating is a well-quipped painting service provider. We have the right tools, and our painters Central Coast know how to use the tools. Even if the project is small, do not consider it a DIY project. Our painters Central Coast can do it in a far better way.

We always have and always will be honest about our pricing policies. When our painters Central Coast give you a quote, we make sure that the quote includes all possible costs. Our Central Coast Painters let you know what you are paying for.

So, if you are in need of painters on the Central Coast, Colonial Painting and Decorating are here to help. We have no doubt we will be the perfect fit for your project because we take the time to understand your requirements. Give us a call, tell us what you need and we will take care of the rest.