Kitchen Cabinet and Doors Restoration

Restoring and repainting kitchen cabinets and doors is a surefire way to inject some life into a tired and old looking kitchen. At Colonial Painting & Decorating, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your kitchen cabinets and doors restoration exceeds expectations and transforms your kitchen.

Our experienced and dedicated painters central coast deliver highly durable finishes using the highest quality coatings. This craftsmanship is combined with a dedication to exceptional customer service.

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Available Colours

Colonial Painting has a full range of colours available for both interior and exterior painting – from subtle contemporary to bright vibrant finishes.

You’ll agree that a coat of paint can mean the difference between a prehistoric and modern-day appearance in any room. Thankfully, we have a team of experienced painters on the central coast waiting to give your kitchen a proper makeover.

With Colonial Painting and Decorating, it does not end with only your walls. We go the extra mile by repainting your kitchen cabinets too. This way, your kitchen experiences a total transformation, from its walls to cabinets and doors. Of course, you can be sure central coast painters will deliver an amazing job.

There is no doubt that Colonial Painting and Decorating is one of the best painting services on the central coast. In fact, we are arguably the best, and we’re not just saying this to brag. Our past clients always affirm that they’d highly recommend our brand to people around them.

So, we must be doing something right, and we don’t plan to stop!

If you’re looking for a professional and reliable brand to handle the painting job in your kitchen, look no further. We have amply experience in bringing the imaginations of our clients to life with paint on their walls. Of course, we’ll use only the best kitchen and cabinet painters to ensure that the project is perfect!

Central Coast Painting Kitchen Painters Service

Are you tired of cooking meals in a kitchen that’s faded and looking old? Are you looking to revamp and add some colour to your kitchen once again? Perhaps you’re thinking of restoring your kitchen cabinets and walls to their days of glory. Whichever the case may be, our central coast painters can help you! 

No matter how much care you give your kitchen, the hustle and bustle of everyday activities will eventually catch up to it. Indeed, the frequent cleaning may even contribute to how fast walls, cabinets, and other surfaces lose their shine. Not to worry, there’s a convenient solution to reverse your kitchen’s ageing – hiring an expert kitchen re-painter!

At Colonial Painting and Decorating, we offer superior painting services for every part of your home (interior or exterior), including your kitchen. In other words, we can help restore the beauty and shine that your kitchen deserves. 

Here are some of the services we offer in terms of kitchen painting:

  • Colour consultation
  • Wall painting
  • Kitchen cabinet repainting
  • Cabinet and restoration
  • Touch-ups and maintenance services
  • Interior and exterior painting

Every house painted by our team of expert central coast painters is a masterpiece. The same holds true when a client hires us as their kitchen re-painter. We value excellence, and the quality of work is proof. Reach out to us today to enjoy kitchen cabinet and door restoration at its best!

Why Are We the Best Option for Your Repainting Needs?

Nobody wants to settle for mediocrity, and we understand that. So, to ensure that our clients keep coming back, we’ve dedicated substantial time and effort towards raising the quality of our painting projects. Of course, it seems to be working as many of our clients have sworn by Colonial Painting and Decorating.

But, why are we the best bet for your kitchen repainting project?

Our quality of service is undeniably our trump card. Indeed, nobody does it the way we do. Our central coast painters are easily some of the best out there. More importantly, they are committed to delivering top-notch in terms of repainting kitchen walls and cabinets, amongst other deliverables. Of course, our years of experience in the field makes it so easy to impress!

Furthermore, at Colonial Painting and Decorating, our prices are very competitive. You’d think that our services would cost an arm and a leg because we offer top-of-the-line painting and restoration. But, it is, in fact, the opposite. We set our prices so you can afford to do business with us. After all, we only stay open because you choose us.

Finally, our keen attention to detail is another reason many of our clients highly recommend us. From our central coast painters to our receptive customer care team, we firmly believe that every detail matters (especially the little ones). So, don’t worry when we say you (and your kitchen) are in good hands.

Are you looking to secure top-notch kitchen painting and restoration services on the central coast? Colonial Painting and Decoration Services is the best there is. Book an appointment here or call 0415 783 567 to speak with an expert.