Dulux accredited and offering a 5 year painter’s workmanship warranty, Colonial Painting & Decorating are the preferred choice for residential house painting on the Central Coast and Northern Beaches.

Our team take the stress out of painting. At Colonial Painting & Decorating, we consult you on paint types, colour selection, timeframes and costs in order to align with your needs and provide you with an affordable solution.

Whether you are looking to refresh the interior or exterior of your home, our experienced and dedicated team will utilise their extensive knowledge to ensure the quality of our work exceeds your expectations. 

Our Exceptional Residential House Painting Service

You can expect nothing short of exceptional services when you contact us for your painting and decorating, and this is something that many painters on Central Coast can’t assure you. 

No matter the complexity of your project, you can rest assured that we will handle it exceptionally and take care of every area of your painting project, down to the tiniest of details.

Why We Are The Best House Painters Central Coast

We are the best house painters Central Coast offers because of the immense dedication and focus we pay to our painters and our aesthetics. If you are keen on getting the best results, we are the best house painters Central Coast. 

You can attribute our success to our experience and our superior techniques for handling several painting projects. We also pride ourselves on making painting and decorating projects of any type stress-free and hassle-free to reduce the stress that comes with relocation. 

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Professional Residential Painters Central Coast

We are proud to inform you that we have the best team of professionals with the right knowledge to handle our equipment and your projects properly. Licensed and insured to give you the very best, we also add that touch of excellence to provide you with deserved peace of mind. 

Our professional and experienced painters are efficient as they get the job done within a short period and clean up immediately after so that it seems like they were never in your space. They are vastly experienced to cater to every aspect of your painting project, one quality that many painters on the Central Coast can’t ensure. 

Affordable Residential Painters Central Coast

One other detail to pay attention to when searching for residential painters Central Coast is affordability, and luckily enough for you, here we are. Our quotes are free, and it doesn’t involve any hidden cost whatsoever. 

Let’s turn those dreams of yours into a reality, and let’s do it for you at affordable and competitive rates. Remember, it all starts with a free quote. 

Contact our painters central coast expert team about a getting a free quote to give your property a fresh new look. 

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Available Colours

Colonial Painting has a full range of colours available for both interior and exterior painting – from subtle contemporary to bright vibrant finishes.