Premium Development Long Jetty

Thompson Street, Long Jetty


The Architectural New Build project for Thompson Street, Long Jetty, involved a comprehensive set of services to ensure the successful completion of both interior and exterior painting:

  1. Project Assessment and Planning: The project commenced with a detailed assessment of the architectural design and client requirements. This included understanding the vision for both the interior and exterior aesthetics.
  1. Surface Preparation: Surface preparation is a critical phase in any painting project. This involved activities such as sanding, patching holes, and ensuring a smooth and even surface for the application of paint.
  1. Selection of Paints and Finishes: Collaborative consultations were conducted with the client to choose appropriate paints and finishes that aligned with the architectural style and design preferences.
  1. Interior Painting: The interior painting process covered all rooms, including considerations for color schemes, textures, and finishes. Precision and attention to detail were maintained throughout.
  1. Exterior Painting: The exterior painting phase involved addressing the challenges of weather resistance and durability. High-quality paints suitable for the local climate were selected.
  1. Coordination with Other Contractors: In a new build scenario, coordination with other contractors (builders, architects, etc.) is crucial. This ensures a seamless integration of painting services into the overall construction process.
  1. Quality Assurance: Regular inspections and quality checks were conducted at various stages of the project to ensure that the painting work met the highest standards.


Embarking on the Thompson Street project in Long Jetty presented a distinctive opportunity to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a new architectural marvel, both internally and externally. As a team of seasoned professionals, we confronted the challenges posed by the intricate design elements of this contemporary structure.

Navigating the angular and sleek contours of the interior required precision and finesse. Thorough collaboration with the builder and future residents was imperative to align their visions seamlessly. Through meticulous planning and coordination, we ensured that the builder’s specifications harmonized with the aspirations of the homeowners.

The intricacies of the project demanded a keen understanding of architectural nuances, necessitating careful deliberation on color schemes, finishes, and overall design coherence. Our team adeptly addressed these considerations, transforming the blueprint into a tangible and visually stunning reality.

Meeting the timelines set by the construction schedule was paramount. Our commitment to punctuality ensured that each phase of the project was completed with efficiency, contributing to the overall success of the endeavor. The positive sentiment expressed by both the builder and future residents underscored the collaborative effort and attention to detail invested in every aspect of the painting process.

In summary, the Thompson Street project stands as a testament to our proficiency in translating architectural visions into tangible, aesthetically pleasing spaces. The successful completion of this venture reflects our dedication to professionalism, precision, and client satisfaction.